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Strange Trick


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I found a way to slit someone's throat with a camera.


1. Get a camera and a knife.

2. Recruit a homie.

3. Get the homie to hold the camera (walk up to them with the camera out and pull L)

4. Get out the knife and target someone from behind.

5. When you're just about to slit their throat, take a photo.

6. When the normal game resumes, you will be slitting their throat with a camera.


Sort offunny a guess.

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But do you get a photo of it in your gallery?


Nice find but I want the photo in my gallery too. cool.gif

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I think the game treats the camera as a knife and hence, no photo stored I guess.

Try clicking pictures with the knife... tounge.gif

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how do you give with the PC version?

TAB by default. it will say to do so, just get camera out and walk around your one of your mates, and eventually the text box will po up saying what you need to press.

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