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Help! Traffic & people have vanished!


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Ok - Apologies in advance - 1st time I've EVER posted to a community forum of any kind and not up on forum etiquette, etc. Just an old woman who blows off steam and stress by thumping people in Vice City on the PC and think maybe I've screwed something up along the way. I've completed 100% main story missions, found 100% packages, finished a variety of other missions, some rampages, bought some property, etc... all in all, I've completed around 60% of the total game. All of a sudden, the streets are empty of people & traffic except the following places: Traffic only in Vice Port along the street in front of The Malibu and pedestrians only on a section of the main drag in a portion of Little Haiti and downtown. Has anyone else ever encountered this? Is it normal? If not, where did I go wrong?

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Reload your game -> simply exit out of vice City and reload your save.


And ask yourself this question: "Did I ever modded up the game before... and so should I reinstall?"

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Thanks, but I have done that, as well trying to continue just playing the game thinking that everyone would just pop back in again. No luck so far...and it's hard to complete rampages when you have to go halfway across town just to find someone to obliterate.

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