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Picutres in TXD folder/files


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Hi guys i was wondering coz im making a total conversion mod (secret for time being) and i make my images for loading screen and outro screen in flash. Then i save them as jpeg and then i open em in paint and save as 256 color bmp but the quality gets really bad and if i save as 24 bmp its stil perfect quality but the TXD program says too many colors when i try to replace the original.


Any informaiton on how to do this without loosing picture quality would be great thanks.

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The images must be in bmp.

És portugues?

Wah! The big mean moderators won't let me rip models and post pirated software!
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TXD Workshop and G-Txd both support the importing of .tga, .bmp and .png, i use .png myself.


G-Txd even supports importing and exporting of .jpg and .dds wow.gif


have fun wink.gif

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