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Midnight Club: Los Angeles

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17 hours ago, universetwisters said:

London again??? Neat! Hopefully a return to the original's roots

It literally says says on his resume it's cancelled, so what are you hoping for?! 


On 3/6/2019 at 5:25 AM, ApolloThunder said:

Sadly Josh Lange didn't responded,however this is what some other ex Rockstar San Diego employee told me about cancelled midnight club 5 project


I wish we could hear from him, but anyway thanks a lot for reaching that other dev. Because, as it seems, Josh left San Diego in 2010; probably after Rockstar Spouse letter issue. So, it has been 9 years since then and there is no reason to keep Midnight Club Online's license if the whole series are abandoned. They claimed it in 2015 and renewed in 2017.It expires in September this year, so hopefully they'll renew it again before it expires. I believe that the success of Forza Horizon and Crew(not a big success tho, but whole u.s as a game map looks interesting) might changed Rockstar's mind about arcade street racing games. As we know, Bully 2 is under development and after that, maybe a new Midnight Club before the new GTA? I'd be happy even with a remastered L.A.

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It would’ve been @Cosworth????? Even tho it’s canceled it’s still a nice direction to have taken the series

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A while back there was some hubbub about the MC series being given to R* Toronto instead, but I guess that never came to fruition, unless we're going to be surprised.

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