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Wanna ride ghost vehicles?


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To make any vehicle a ghost:


1. Go to the pink marker that allows you to do the "Publicity Tour" mission, which is near to the V-Rock studio and the Hyman condo.


2. Align your bike next to the pink marker. Angel recommended


3. Exit your vehicle and as soon as Tommy touches the ground, immediately enter into your vehicle again then try to brake up or accelerate to keep Tommy active on his bike. (He must be sitting on it before the screen fades away.)


4. When the brief FMV sequence begins and ends, your ghost bike will be parked behind the Love Fist limo once the mission starts. To exit the limo, you must let it explode. This can be done by driving fast and carelessly so that the ghost bike behind you can hit into a wall, but at the same time, do not let the meter rise. (You know when you have accomplished this when the limo explodes and you fly out of it as if you were the one on the ghost bike that had got into a collision.)


5. Now then - find this bike, but hold [Handbrake] while running so that the ghost bike does not go off too far.


Note: To ride ghost cars instead, you must have done the above with the bike first. After you have done this and have failed the mission, get a Caddy (or break off any other car that has doors) and do the same trick to the pink marker with that vehicle. You will now have a car that can drive itself. The only way to exit this glitch is to ride in one or all of your ghost vehicles.

This is just a glitch that I had wrote up a few months ago. I used GameCam because I am not beside my high-end computer right now, and Fraps will just lag up my video. Decided to also post this on Photobucket instead of Youtube for that reason. biggrin.gif



* Save file to get you started -> http://www.freewebs.com/dirtring/GTAVCsf8.b





If there are any comments and questions as to how this glitch works, feel free to ask!

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Your link is bad. Even when removing the ": whistle :" it is a prince of persia video.

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OK, so is my link working? blush.gif


Controls for Driving a Ghost Vehicle


Key Action
[sHIFT] Accelerate
[CTRL], [spacebar] Reverse or Brake
Left/Right arrow keys... Steer
Up/Down arrow keys... Lean Up or Down
Right mouse button... Handbrake
[sHIFT]+[CTRL]+Left/Right arrow keys... Burnout Donut 360

It is possible that this glitch can work for PS2. Try it - similar to the "Bike morph" glitch so it should be much easier and it may possibly work.


I think it is GTAForums messing up the link parameters. It should work though when I do this:




Ah-Ha, everytime I edit my posts it messes up! That's it. A simple [youtube/youtube] should always work though if I am not using P-B.


Enjoy the video. cool.gif



Photobucket sucks. "Photobucket Site Maintenance! Images and Videos will continue to serve during this short maintenance."


1. It's not short.

2. The videos aren't currently being fed to us.

3. The site always had problems in deciding on a final GUI along with buggy effects.  sigh.gif

New video of Tommy disappearing and the ghostly water -> http://s88.photobucket.com/albums/k166/MWa...nt=actlike.flv

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Good glitch find! But are you sure there's a ghost Angel that follows the



A few tweaks I recommend:


Press Reverse to keep Tommy on the Angel (Forward didn't always work) by the

marker that starts "Publicity Tour." The remote control Angel appears in the

alley at the W side of the T intersection that's W of the Downtown Ammu-Nation.

Making Tommy invisible makes him immobile.

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Yes, I know all that. The ghost bike it's actual behind the limo though until you tell it to stop.



But are you sure there's a ghost Angel that follows the


You are the controller... this is why when you allow the ghost Angel to hit an obstacle, you come out of the vehicle as well. Hold [HANDBRAKE] as soon as you come out of the limo to stop your ghost bike from moving. Wanna ride a ghost Rhino instead?


Let me tell you what's the reasons for this glitch!



1. When you get on the bike after the cutscene disappears and you are transported to another interior up in the sky (or elsewhere), the Real Tommy that was on the bike gets replaced with the Ghost Tommy riding it for him.


2. The "Tommy" in the cutscene isn't apart of your in-game experience throughout the real/ghost-worlds.


3. Now when you are transported to another vehicle apart from the one that the Ghost Tommy was on, you control your ghost. Kill your ghost vehicle and you'll die as well - the ghost is your brain and soul. You'll need to ride on it in order to keep it fused into 1 character.


4. The controls are the same when the Real Tommy drives a normal car.


5. But if Real Tommy comes out, the controls for commanding Ghost Tommy is literally the "On Foot" controls. It does have some "In Car" controls obviously (making this glitch nearly similar to the Bike Morph glitch).


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