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use cj's garage as car storage?


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hey guys, ive been playing around alittle with some mods which changes the apperence and such on CJ's garage in san fierro.

My 2 addons i use right now is

"Enterable Buildings FINAL" by "the Realist"

"Dream Car Garage Mod" by "FUBAR"


so what i want to know if its possible to turn the main building into a garage and if its possible to get the camera to follow you inside. ive been trying to mess with the .IPL files without any result. if its impossible to make it a garage atleast i would like the camera to follow the player inside the garage.


now to the hard part of all this biggrin.gif

i am a total newbie at this kind of modding and have never done any modding myself, so if this can be done in a userfriendly way that would be awsome biggrin.gif

i am not a retard tho and i know where most of the files are located. i need help to find which files i should edit and what to put in the files with what program etc..


i googled this problem numerous times without any good hits and i also searched this forum, however its possible i missed it and if i did would like a link or something, and sorry if this is posted in the wrong forum biggrin.gif




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