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Hyman Memorial O.D.T. Not Needed For 100%


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So I recently went through and got 100% in Vice City Stories (PS2 Version), however upon completing the final Rampage I was told I had 100% completion. Then I remembered a side mission I hadn't completed yet--"Hyman Memorial O.D.T", which is similar to "Land, Sea, and Air Ace" except in the opposite direction and on the western island.


Anyway, beating it didn't do anything to my completion percentage or anything. Personally I have this theory--added PS2 exclusive side missions involving a vehicle pick-up ("Rush", "Playground On The Park") do not count towards 100%, and I do not know if added Unique Stunt Jumps or Rampages do either.


All I'm really sure of is that "Hyman Memorial O.D.T." doesn't count a whit.


Did anyone else manage to encounter this?

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You are sort of right.

There's a rounding bug in the PS2 version, - so you only need 99.6% for "100%" benefits and stats will read 100%.

You can in fact leave out any simple mission and still get 100%, - Hyman memorial (or any other mission) will however still yield 0.4 % if done before you have "100%".

You can however NOT leave out any Unique jumps or Rampages, - because the last of each yields double% (0.8%).


Beware that there is another glitch (connected with Hostile Takeover), which can cost you 0.4%.

If you run into that one you'll have to do everything (incl. Hyman memorial and Skywolf etc.) for "100%"

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Ahh, a bit of a glitch then, that makes a bit more sense. Thank you for explaining it to me. I think it occurs specifically because of "Skywolf"--normally one would be able to achieve 100% ending with the final storyline mission's completion. However, "Skywolf" only opens up after the final storyline mission is completed, which would leave people with the 99.6% completion rate if they were unaware of it suddenly appearing in the airport. So there is actually 100.4% percentage points out there to achieve in all.

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So there is actually 100.4% percentage points out there to achieve in all.

Errr, - no. To the best of my knowledge there's exactly 100.0% out there.

240 "missions"*, - worth 0.41666666666667% each.


When at 99.2% and you complete something worth ~0.4%, you will get the 100% message and the stats will read 100%. But in reality that might only be 99.6% (there's a couple of actions which can yield double ~0.8%)


The reason I mentioned Skywolf is because that mission is often claimed not to be necessary for 100%.

Btw. that mission also means you can't get "100%" before the final storyline mission, even with the rounding bug.

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