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change both license plates?


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Okay i cant seem to get both the front and rear plates to change always its only one that is changed. example :



09E2: $2765 = parked_car_generator_w_numberplate #COPCARRU -1 -1 1 alarm 0 door_lock 0 0 10000 plate "_CUFFS__" at 2473.530 -1690.21 13.00000 angle 0.0 0A17: (unknown) $2765 1 014C: set_parked_car_generator $2765 cars_to_generate_to 101 



I also tried this after spawning a car :


0674: set_car_model $2765 numberplate "_CUFFS__" 



but it only changes one plate in this case its the rear. anyone know how to solve this?

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Im not sure how to fix it but I too would be interested in the solution (if there is one).


I think its a bug in the game that only changes the plate at a certain dummy name on the model itself, so you can only have one plate but if thats the case how come all cars have the same random plate on the front and rear?

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I also tried this after spawning a car :


0674: set_car_model $2765 numberplate "_CUFFS__" 


$2765 is not a model, it's a handle. The model in this case would be #COPCARRU.


EDIT: Agreed that it's probably a bug. I think the numberplate is generated randomly by the exe and applied to both the front and back when the model is loaded - when I use my car routine, the front number plate is the same when I choose my car, but it looks like this opcode only accounts for the rear plate. I'll try to explain what happens:


1) I start the spawner; it starts at the begninning of the ide and moves up or down with a keypress. I set my custom text to be applied AFTER I choose the car I want.


2) When I browse, say my plate is RTGF 897. When I browse to the next car and then back, the plate changes, because I unloaded the first model, loaded the second, unloaded that and the reloaded the first model again.


3) When I choose my car, the front plate remains the same as the last browsed model, because I'm not unloading (release) the model since this will be the one I want. So it keeps that second random plate up front, but properly assigns my back plate.


Cripes that looks confusing. Sorry. biggrin.gif

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