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Im Having Problems Using IMG Tool I Download The Mod (HUMMER) And I Get A File Called sa48_h2_hummer And Inside It Has landstal.dff And landstal.txd I Open IMG TOOL And Press File Open And I Look For It I Cant Find It


I Try And Drag Them Both On My Desktop So I Do And I Press File Open And It Shows Nothing But Files. And I Clicked On A Random File And Every File Has Nothing In


PLEASE PLEASE HELP ME !!! biggrin.gif

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Alright open up gta3.img in C:/program Files/rockstar games/gta san andreas/models. in your img tool the only types of files that show up are .txds and .dffs. press the "find" button in your img tool and find landstal.dff and landstal.txd then you can either delete them or rename them (incase it ruins your sa). Then add the the 2 files to the gta3.img file with the "add" button of your img tool once thats done if it has a rebuild archive button use it or your game will screw up bad OKAY. hope i was any help too you smile.gif

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here is a simplified version.


- start imgtools

- click file>open and select the gta3.img

- you will see files load

- now press F2 and type landstal.dff

- when it finds the file close the find and press the delete key to delete the old car

- do the same for landstal.txd

- press ctrl+a and add the landstal.dff

- do the same for the landstal.txd

- Now go to commands>rebuild

- let the rebuild process finish and close imgtools

- now play game and drive your new car.

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