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hey all


i know that when you steal some cars in san andreas the tail and headlights start flashing right???


wel i was thinking about if it is possible to combine that code (if it is a code) with the emergency vehicles sirens,,,(without the horn that start to sound to)


so when you turn your sirens on, the head and tail lights would flash to (or only headlights)


is that possible to do???if so, can someone pleas give me a verry detailed description on how editing that , becaus i suck at modding i crashed my game 6 times lol,,


than you verry much,,, (sry for my english)

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that's all hardcoded. short answer, it can't be done.

But its like an 2dfx normaly they are in the mesh file ?

or the kam's script / oleg's filter don't load it ?

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no, the emergency lights aren't in the mesh. yes, it's a 2dfx-object, but it's created and controlled by the exe. it isn't stored externally. for whatever reason, R* hardcoded all the emergency vehicle stuff. notify.gif

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