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First piece in awhile


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It started as me trying to combine two different sketches when I decided PS would work much better, so five hours later I got this and I'm very impressed. I started by getting all the basic shapes using the magnetic lasso tool, editing them so the edges and curves looked smooth, usually using the pencil or eraser to smooth the shapes out, then when I got the shapes I detailed and colored each individual part and added small details. The most impressive thing to me is that I did this without using the pen tool once, mainly because I'm not good at vectors in any sense.


BTW the blade has alpha transparency so it would look better on a lighter background.


user posted image

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Hayden Stasven

The edges aren't the smoothest but that's understandable. It's pretty damn good, but like you said, the blade looks a bad colour. icon14.gif

New account: Hayden.

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Guybrush Threepwood

I use the old school boardskin, so the blade looks fine to me.

Overall it's a pretty nice piece, too bad it's kind of an impractical sword.

But I think the pro's and cons of a large sword should be discussed elsewhere smile.gif

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It was meant to be more of a one handed sword, if it were two handed the blade would be much longer.


I did my best to smooth the edges, but it's really hard when your pencil tool doesn't move smoothly, it kind of does small circles in skipped beats, if it worked correctly I would have used my Wacom much more than I did.


I'm trying to find something to use it with, I'm thinking of making some sort of landscape and going off of what I make to decide what I'll do with it.

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