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Something crazy happened.


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So, I was driving a PCJ 600 at an insane speed over the bridge leaving Starfish Island going back into Washington Beach, after the first bridge there is a second smaller bridge I hit that one and went airborne and flew straight into the side of a building.


Next thing I know I am in the river and I figure I'm waisted (it was even doing the drowning animation) then out of nowhere Tommy falls through a blue area where it looked like I was looking up at the city through a transparent ground. He falls for quite some time then suddenly appears to be falling out of the skies and lands on a hill in the middle of the golf course.


It was crazy, I wish I could have recorded it.


Has anyone else had anything similar happen?

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Yeah, it's kind of a Blue Hell thing. Fall through the ground and you'll end up on the nearest area of solid ground.


Going at insane speeds certainly does increase its prevalence - I remember pulling off stuff like that on GTAIII with the Admin Console forcing my vehicle to travel at amazing speeds.

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Sort of, do you have the Gravmod?

No, the only mod I'm using is the one for reflections on the cars and specular highlights.

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