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Modding with POINT.?


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Hi smile.gif Im pretty new to this modding stuff and currently Im trying out Point, because I have some experience in C/C++, and it seems great..

Though it doesnt seem to work. Ive tried with just using the examples and that built-in main script so I dont know what's wrong... Maybe it's because Im using a cracked version of GTASA? Cause cracks change the memory adresses, right?


I havent found any topics about this program or any site except for their own, for that matter, so I figured I could post a thread about it tounge.gif



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and it seems great.. Though it doesnt seem to work.

Thats kinda the key. Usually with modelling software that cannot directly export to GTA, one must find an alternate way to get the model into software that can. This is usually done through the use of .3ds files which can be used in both Zmodeler and 3D Studios Max.


I have never heard of point, but I know there is an extensive list of software that can be used where, one way or another, the model can get ingame. The list includes 3D Studios Max, Zmodeler, Blender, Lightwave, Sketchup, AutoCAD, VIZ, Inventor, Solidowrks, XSI, C4D, Maya, Milkshape, and many more. Usually these larger programs offer a wider variety of ways to save such that one model can be opened in any or all of the above. For instance, 3D Studios can open AutoCAD files and convert them to nice meshes. Going on that, Inventor and Solidworks can export as AutoCAD which you then import with 3DSM. Zmodeler and Lightwave and Milkshape can all export as .3ds which 3DSM will import. These little chains can get damn near any model form any software into any game.


So yeah... see if it has a way to get the file importable to either zmodeler or 3D Studios Max. Hit me up on MSN if you need any help in this manner.

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I think he's talking about the mission scripting tool POINT by jonc.


@kyle: you might look into Sanny Builder, which offers a number of C/C++ style classes and other goodies.


EDIT: I know, not terribly helpful, but we'll need more beyond "but it doesn't work." wink.gif

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@Mercie: smile.gif Yeah Im talking about the scripting tool. Thanks though!! smile.gif

@ceedj: Yes, actually I've tried Sanny Builder, but since I also downloaded Point I tried it too after a while before getting a bit deeper with Sanny Builder smile.gif


The problem is that after the loading screen (new game), it just hangs. Well, you know, the "Report Error to Microsoft" screen pops ups, and who doesnt hate that sarcasm.gif. But do you think it could have anything to do with SA being cracked? I just cant seem to get that out of my mind haha smile.gif

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