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los desperados


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in mission los desperados after recruiting gang members cesar and the gang members dont get in the car..... stuck up. can any body help...... what is the prob.?

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This is a common problem. Even if Cesar gets in, the homies bail out sometimes getting frightened of the riots.

This is what I do - Get in the car and drive away from Cesar. After driving a few distance, you get a message saying 'You have left Cesar behind'. Now go back and get Cesar. He's sure to get in now. But don't recruit any homies. Take Cesar to Unity Station. The marker at Unity Station will not appear unless you recruit atleast 2 homies. You'll find a few homies near the station. Recruit them now. Don't bother even if they don't get in the car. As soon as you recruit them, the marker will re-appear. Now, you can simply run to the marker and the mission will start.



You are supposed to lead them on foot I think...

That won't work coz Cesar will not follow you on foot.

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