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Please help me!


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In one magazine I readed thet you can do copy of your original game for backup.But if you have buyed game CAN also download copies of it.Well-I had org cd.Have DVD where is backup-not install,a copy.Now it is old cd but it still worked...until yesterday.I tried to copy it and one of sound files not copied(f*cking cylindric data check msg).I cleaned it,but still not work.I don't have org cd ...I need that file becouse when I play the game and it wants to play certain sound like car horns,scratches it just crashes.I frogot name of that file,i reneber it is in the SFX folder,and it's size is ~1 gb.Do you know where I can get copy of that file?

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You've been around for quite a while and know pretty well that such discussions are not allowed here. confused.gif


You're post is a bit confusing. you say that you have the original DVD and then you say that you don't have it. The best thing to do would be to buy another copy.



CAN also download copies of it

Well you can only download the patch.


I'm not sure how you copied the DVD (legally). The disc is copy-protected. If you have the original disc, you should use it.

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Do you know where I can get copy of that file?

No but definitely not from here. Even if you are allowed to download it (which I'm not entirely sure you are), there may be other visitors who can view this topic and are trying to get hold of a copy illegally. For this reason, we can't allow topics requesting game files, nor can we allow any links to be posted.



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