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A note to all Vista Users


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If your computer is fully Vista complient with up to date Vista drivers, there is no need for compatibility mode for any of the 3D GTAs.


The game will install by default to X:\Program Files\Rockstar Games\GTAX


The user files will be created in X:\Users\USER\Documents\GTAX User Files


(Where X is your system root, GTAX is the version of GTA and USER is your short user name.)


This is in contrast to XP only where the user files are stored. (X:\Documents and Settings\User\My Documents\GTAX User Files)


I ran a test as well on system requirements. I found that the "minimum hardware requirements" for Vista are somewhat higher than the the "recommended hardware requrements" listed on the box. For GTA III, you need a 64MB video card, for VC you need 128MB, and for SA you need 256MB. Any CPU capable of running Vista will run all three GTAs.

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Yeah, I agree...


Might need to run compatibility mode though if you have a dual/quad core processor - where the game runs lightning fast! biggrin.gif

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