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1996 impala ss


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1stgenlx-turbo made a quick mock up of the impala SS using a 91' caprice, here is what he changed:

- Rims

- Darkened Tail Lights (Could make the lines running through more noticeable)

- Paint job needed to add the impala SS


Problems Needed To Model (he cant model):

- Change Chrome To Car Color Except Around Window

- Change A pillars to same color as car

- Remove badges at back and improve the one I made

- Add The little spoiler

- Alter the small rear window and add badge

- Change Grill And Remove front badge

- Remove extra antenna

- Fix up wheels

- Change the rear wheel well similar to the front

- add impala SS without a need for paintjobs


He said if i get someone to fix the model he can do the textures..check out the topic

anybody interested helping out icon14.gif (http://www.gtaforums.com/index.php?showtopic=267340&st=220)

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yeah I cant do 3d modelling maybe one day I will learn but I am far to busy with university. This is my attempt:



user posted image

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