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Editing .col


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1. How to delete an object inside the col file? I want to delete "solid" signs on one of the buildings in VC. I'm using Steve's coll editor2 0.4.

So I've opened col, located the building. Then I've deleted signs on the roof ans saved the file (read-only ticked off before editing and on after saving file). Next I started the game and flied on the edited roof. And these deleted objects were still solid suicidal.gif . What should I do? Must I delete something else too?


2. I've tried editing col files in Zmod and when I want to export them it says that the program can't export col files.


3. I've tried gmax with kam's tools and I can't edit the building because I can't pick up single object. There are no vertices except off this big sphere around the building or the vertices that represent whole building but not single object in this building.


Please answer at least for 1 question



btw. Sorry but I didn't find col editing tutorial. It's a pain that search function doesn't work on this big forum


and yes I've already deleted these signs in the building model, so now there are annoying "invicible" signs.

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Did u replace th .col back into the img?

lol thats the first thing i thought.


and also make sure you deleted all the faces as they disappear if you view it from the wrong side.

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My bad. I even didn't touch the cols in img. I've only replaced cols in the maps folder.

So the col files are in 2 places:

1. in \Grand Theft Auto Vice City\data\maps\

2. in gta3.img




Must I replace the cols in this 2 places or only in gta3.img?

And why they are in 2 different places? One is not enough for the game?

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I have changed the col in the gta3.img only. It's strange but it's working without any crashes.


(The untouched col file is still in the maps folder, and it's different than in gta3.img now.)


Anyway thanks for help icon14.gif

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