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Post Your CJ


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Come here and post a picture or even better, a video of your CJ.


Show us his style in clothing and what he does.


Here are the rules:

  • No naked CJs please.
  • Maximum 3 pictures per post.
  • Maximum 1 video per post.
  • In your post you must ALWAYS include your vote for whoes picture/video (apart from yours), you think, is the best.
Every week there will be a nomination for the 1st, 2nd and 3rd best picture/video.


The 3 winners will have their picture/video posted on the front page in the first post under the "Hall Of Fame" section.


The nominations will only begin after at least 6 people have posted their picture/video.


Heres my pics:






Hall Of Fame


So far there are no winners.

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user posted image




This is My CJ:


Trucker Hat (Modded)


Silver Dog Tags


I Love L.S. T-shirt (Modded)


Blue Jeans (Modded)


Balck Low-Tops (Modded)

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Whoops! haven't quite learned how to post images yet blush.gif (Yeah, im such a n00b)

Edited by A_GTA_GUY
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