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SAN ANDREAS Modding Help!?


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Hey there my name's Nathan it has been awhile since my last post. I have GTA:SA for PC, version 2. I installed SAMI and I installed the downgrade patch for Version 2 of GTA:SA. I proceeded to install new car mods as well as a few others and the game loaded fine with the new cars. But, when I went to go play the first "mission", suddenly the game crashed. Any ideas?



Modding Newbie

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Okay! Thank you for the tip and now I have an update:


So, I got things working, it seemed. I installed the downgrade update. I installed some car mods and a 100% game save. I set all the files and dechecked "read only". I rebooted. Everything loaded up great! I flew my helicopter over to "The Strip" and jacked one of my new modded H2 style landstalkers and took it to Transfender to have it overhauled. I changed the color it was fine and I went to change the exhaust and San Andreas crashed! Am I an idiot for trying to selected the Exhaust since it is a modded car and may not be compatible with the game or did i do something wrong? Thanks

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I can't say for sure but I'd suggest it's very probable. Have you tried doing car mods on the regular game cars?

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I guess the only issues I am still having are that the in-game TIME seems to speed up for random reasons and also when I goto "quit game" it ends with a crash instead of smoothly. Any thoughts? Thanks!

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