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nedd help burning DVD


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im using WinAvi to convert and burn DVDs

i convert the .avi file and it gives me a folder named DVD_01_1 and in that folder is two folders Audio_ts and Video_ts. Audio_ts is empty and Video_ts has .vob,.bup and .ifo files in it.

so how do i burn the file(s) to a dvd so it will play on my DVD player? do i burn the whole DVD_01_1 to a DVD disc?

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Copy everything from that Directory (DVD_01_1) straight onto a DVD, the DVD player will automatically recognise the content.


The DVD should look like the following, if you were to open it up in Explorer:





Those will be the only two folders on there, and remember to copy over both folders, and don't worry it's not unusual for the Audio_ts folder to be empty (but copy it anyway), it's mainly used if the video is presented in a 5.1 or 7.1 Surround Sound, as the Video_ts and it's containing .vob file can easily accommodate stereo sound, but overspill will be in the Audio Folder, that or different Languages etc.



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