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hi guys biggrin.gif


Need some help...


I'm a noob at this mapping stuff. But I'm not clueless. I'm trying to bring my custom made model to Vice City. Here's what happens:

I make a model in 3ds max 8.0 and texture it too.

I use Kam's script to export model as dff.

I use Panda exporter to create an x file from my model, and then Collmaker to make a collision file for it(the collision file is perfectly alright).

I put my dff and txd files in gta3.img .

I use MooMapper to import the model to game map.

I can see my model where I put it along with its textures in MooMapper and MapEd.

I start the game, come close to the place where my model is supposed to be - and the model  isn't there, and then the game crashes.


What am I doing wrong? Anybody here who's well informed in this category? Any help will be appreciated.


Thanx in advance. rolleyes.gif


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Can you post us your IDE and IPL line?

And how many poly's have you used for your model?

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First of all make new IDE and IPL files. (The best way is to do it with MEd (Map Editor), it automaticaly writes IDE and IPL lines to gta_vc.DAT located at ...\VC\data\).

Save your IDE and IPL files into new folder like ...\VC\data\maps\mymodel\mymodel.IDE and mymodel.IPL, then add your collision file (exampe: mymodel.col) into the same folder.

As you can see in gta_vc.DAT file is 2 new lines:

IDE data\maps\mymodel\mymodel.IDE and

IPL data\maps\mymodel\mymodel.IPL,

but you must add one more line by yourself:

COLFILE 0 data\maps\mymodel\mymodel.col.

Also don't make new empty lines in this file.

And you need to place your objects in new IDE and IPL, because game can crash if you aren't doing that.

Good luck!

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Thanx man. biggrin.gif


But I did all that. I used MooMapper instead, though. But its all there. I also entered the Collision line.


But one another very important question - is it extremely important that coordinates have to be (0,0,0) while making the model? I hear many ppl talking about that. It could be what I'm doing wrong.


Thanx again.

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