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Frozen when i go to start menu.


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when i pause the game by pressin esc it goes to start menu .. then when press esc again it takes longer to get to start menu... then the third time i pause the game it freezes then i have to restart my computer.


Intel Celeron D 3.20 ghz

512 mb of ram

ati radeon 9250 256 mb of video ram

windpws xp pro service pack 2

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Pleas explain with a bit more detail. What you've posted makes little sense. Are you saying that you get the start menu when you press Esc?

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Try deleting [.set] file, reconfigure graphics, and turning on frame limiter. If that doesn't work - then you need to grab updated drivers. Also try Win98 compatiblity mode if it makes the game operate properly.

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Oh you mean whenever you open the pause menu, it crashes? Try playing in medium or low graphics detail, disable anti aliasing and mip mapping.


Do you have a legit copy of the game?

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