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Different versions different glitches


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Hey me and bagga rabbit have been thinkin thanx to the territory glitch gods agent ozzy and his crew lol we have thought weather rockstar have changed added and fixed glitches as they made different sanandreas versions(u still with me?) we all know there are a few different versions of sanandreas version 1 version 2 the platinum version and the greatest hits version.


I have the platinum version and the territory glitch doesnt sceam t be working if youve read about exseriences of a glitch say on v1 but isnt on ur version of sanandreas then please post here and maybe we can see if R* have changed or ajusted things its really anoyin not havin sum glitches work on my game cuz it gets borin and glitches make it fun anyway if u can plz post cool.gif

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i want to have a cr from this homepage in my game i downloaded this car but what should i put where pls help me

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Yea man wats that got to do with it? anywayif anyone DOES want to complain about how rahkstar2.gif have changed saanandreas and if you have read about glitches but cant unlock them tell me colgate.gif

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