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"Original" disk not compatible with Platinum


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Hi there,


My son tried to get me interested in playing GTA Vice City by lending me his "Original" version of GTA Vice City, the one with the pictures on the disc.


I got "hooked" on the game and got about 70% done. Then I decided to get my own copy of GTA Vice City and bought the Platinum version (the only one available now). When I try to load the games I saved on my SONY Memory Card (while playing the "Original" version) with the "Platinum" version disk in the PS2 I get the message "Load Failed! The save game on the MEMORY CARD Slot 1 ("PS2) is not compatible with the game. Please try loading another save game. Now restarting game."


I can only assume that some "bright spark" at Rockstar/Take2Games decided to make a slight change to the save game format between the two versions. Either that or someone screwed up somewhere.


Does anyone know how I can load my saved games from the "Original" game version to use with the "Platinum" version?

If I have to start the game right from scratch I'm going to be really p****d off... devil.gif


Thanks for any help anyone can give.


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The best help you'll be getting is to contact Rockstar/Take2 Support themsleves and not go assuming.


I would just order the original version DVD from eBay/Amazon. And EB Games or Walmart should sell them!

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What happened here is the original and platinum (Xbox)/greatest hits (PS2) are different versions of the game. The original had some glitches that got fixed before the best seller versions came out. To fix these glitches, they had to change the SCM (script) and in the process lost save game compatiblity with version 1. This also happened with GTA III and SA. On PC, this is a very well known problem for modders and [snP] The save files and mods are made default compatible with the authors version and no other. On PC there are work-arounds but on Xbox and PS2, not so much.


The game itself is fun though and could take less than 10-hours to 100%. I would suggest playing though again. It should be easier this time around.

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