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Vice city installation


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I have Gta Vice city for PC. It installs fine, but i really need to install the radio.

Because usally, WildStyle and VROCK, usally crash my game, but it unfreezes.

Sorry if i should have posted this in the other topic, i thought it may be too old.

During installation, i choose to install the radio stations, then it asks me to put play

disk in. I put it in, and it continues installing, but when it gets to VCPR, It says it has

some data error with it. So i tryed cleaning the play disk, still done the same, and it

even done it on my old computer. I tryed scanning VCPR.adf, and it said there were

no problems with it. Then i gave the disk and extra clean, still couldn't install the radio.

I know i can install the game without the radio, but it's very frustarting that, Wildstyle

crashes the game, and VROCK,


System Specs

1024 MB RAM

Windows Vista (Problem happened on XP too)

Graphics By Radeon Express

Genuine Intel ® CPU

1.60 GHZ


If it does the same thing on both computers, and the disk is clean.

Please Help

Cheers rah.gif




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You ever tried using CD-Check? This will be your error-checking utility from now on since Windows don't come with one for optical drives.



Thanks, it found a error with vcpr.adf, (data error), but can it be cleared.

And how do you do it?

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Nope. You have to buy a new one. Next time, take better care of your discs and always, always burn a backup copy or create an ISO image.


http://www.wikihow.com/Fix-a-Scratched-CD  lol.gif

Yep, thanks, i kept forgeting to put my PLAY disk in it's case, also my friend doesn't sometimes cause the same thing happened with gta 3 installation disk so i had to buy a new one. Thanks for the advice.

Well also some radio stations just correct there self, VROCK is fine, but VCPR won't copy to my GTA Vice city audio folder. If it done it both on both computers then it has got to be the disk. I know what to do now. I think this topic can be locked.

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Moved into the BUSTED group upon request.

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