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A short San andreas story...


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ok since i was'n't gettin many good comments on my vice agreement story i thought i'd write a short san andreas story just to see if i can get any better


so here goes:


I stood on the corner of grove street...Just next to the underpass of the bridge,It was a warm night and i knew i was'n't meant to be out so late but i had to get out of my busy constricted family house( we was moving in 2 days to las venturas)...a bit of friendly commotion was on about the steet;A group of grove street gangbangers were sitting around passing each other a blunt,a man was paying a hooker some cash and 4 people were playing 2 on 2 streetball also Sweet johnson was sitting outside his house listening to music on the walker stereo which was beside him...i watched the commotion of the street for a while before finnaly walking over to sweet:


"hi sweet"

"hey little man whachu want?"

"i just wanna talk"

"ok little man what about?"

"how have you been since the attack"

"little down"

"the green sabre was the only thing i saw...besides hearin' the gunshots"

"yeah,but i got some good words"


"Carls comin' back for the funeral,you might be able to see him"

"i doubt that,i'm moving in 2 days..."

"aww damn little man it'll be sad to see ya go..."

" thanks sweet,i'll come back and visit you and smoke sometime..."

" i appreciate that little man but this place is gettin dangerous,it'd be better if you did get somewhere safe..."

"ok sweet,thanks for bein a friend"

" GSF little man"

"GSF sweet"


I shook sweet's hand and hugged him before heading off down the street,past bincos,past the crack house and into temple drive turf.

I spotted a bench a couple of yards down the path and thought i'd rest for a while, i reached the bench and sat down...after a while i started to feel uneasy and i knew that if i'd would'n't get outta here soon,then there'd be trouble.Suddenly i spotted a couple of ballas heading over to me...i sat at my spot,frozen with fright hoping i could run but the by the time i'd plucked up the courage to run they'd already stood over me;


"aaw sh*t look DK! its that grove street fool little devil!"

"look i don't want any trouble..."

"how old you foo?"


"should'n't be in our turf little bitch"

!its GSF turf"

" you bitch ass midget! this is our turf now!"

"says who?"

" yo moms"


suddenly i felt a sharp pain in the back of my head,one of the ballas had hit me with a 2 by 4 and i was bleeding fast, then DK pulled out a gun to my head and i whimpered in fright before hearing the gun click, all of the ballas laughed at me and kicked me while i was down and now my entire body was numb...


Now im lying down in the street bleeding to death, i don't have much time left...


GSF for life...

"I don't know about angels, but it's fear that gives men wings."


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I like the way you decided to tie up the ends of Little Devil's story. They mentioned he was a dead character in San Andreas but we never saw him. Try expanding on it next time, I know it was intentionally short and all but i'd like to read some more of your stuff.

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i like your story but its abit short but not that short, but he says little man to much lol it gets annoying =D

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thanks i actually thought this storie would be a fllop but i guess it was ok...

thanks for the comments...

"I don't know about angels, but it's fear that gives men wings."


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