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autojump code?


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is there a auto jump code for the second edition of san andreas...ive tried the first one (201595c8 3c040A0

2014b528 10400013

203252c8 0c05655c

003252cc 00000000

203db5c4 0c05655c

2014b504 1000000a

2014b4e0 10000013

2014b4b0 1040001f

2014b4b8 1000001d

2014b458 10000035

2014b42c 10000040

0014b570 00000000) but nothing happens...if there is a code like this for the second edition of sa then could somebody please post it here???(sorry for any misspellings)

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auto jump is you click l3 and you jump high or half as high (you decide by putting it in the code)

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