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[REL|Final] Verdant Meadows Historical Plane


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So, I've done total update of this Mod. Now, you have two planes: Passenger Plane and Transporter. To make it more realistic, I added new engines, propellers, gears and windows. I like re-use models from San Andreas Map, so I used old propeller from Abandoned AC Tower, engines from San Fierro Airport Welcome and parts from Desert Scrap Yard for body of course. Mod is here.



- Models: Passenger Plane has windows, smaller engines and triple propellers, Transporter has bigger engines, quadruple propellers and no windows,

- Handling: Passenger Plane is light and fast (Press Caps Lock to add more power, turn it off before landing), Transporter is slow and heavy.




user posted image


user posted image


user posted image


user posted image


Here is the rest of the shots.



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