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Homeless Man Smiley Icon

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Hi I was wondering if you guys can make a smiley icon (like these smile.gifbored.gifsly.gif ) of a homeless man begging for change. For like when you want to get across the idea that you are broke, or some action, like buying a next-gen console, that put you in tha motherf*ckin poor house.


Also it would be funny lol,, give him a black top hat, a little garbage can burning, and him swinging a tin can, begging for change in his hand.


PLEASE MAKE THIS and put it over there <<-------------in the smiley selector deal for me.


Thank You Intensly Much.


Please include a release date for this smiley so I know when to expect it.




Or a "LOAF OF BREAD BUM,"! no but seriously what the hell is with the weird loaf icons?? wtf is a cat loaf? catloaf_by_anuj.gifbreadfish_by_Moto.gif <-----????? wtf????

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please die

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Stop sucking at life.


And dont make a (sh*t) topic that only contains a link to another (sh*t) topic you made.



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T'is sad when I have the most important thing to say in a topic.

@Murdoc: I'm disappointed in you. I'd expect better of a BadFella confused.gif


So, Ontopic:

We don't make custom smilies here. We aren't s smilie factory; we're a forum about GTA. Not only do we not make smilies upon request, but why on earth would you need a custom smiley? What makes you so special?

Explain to me how playing GTA relates to poverty?

Unlike you, I don't think we need to make fun of people who aren't as financially secure as we are. I feel secure enough in myself not to find the need to make fun of others who, in all likelihood, can't do much to alter their current position.


My next point: A next-gen system is NOT that much... it might be if you're 13, but you really shouldn't be playing GTA at that age anyway. If you're 14 or older, shut the f*ck up and stop whining. I got a summer job; why can't you? I've earned nearly $400 in 2 weeks. Even if I had to earn $1000 for a Next-Gen system, that's 5 weeks of work. It's not impossible and it's not rocket science.


So, in summary:

1. We're not here to make smilies for you.

2. This smiley is pointless; and you happen to be a moron for making light of the financial troubles of others who in all probability can't do anything else but beg.

3. Next gen systems are not that expensive, you're just too lazy to make the money. Way to support the stereotype of the lazy gamer icon13.gif

4. This topic is a waste of time and all-important server-resources.

5. In future, don't make topics that are a total waste of time and server resources. If you want to make a GFX request, we have a section for that, it's located right here. Use that in the future.

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unless you find an image of a homeless bum somewhere in the forest, there'd hardly be any interest in anyone going through the effort of a homeless bum icon just for you tounge.gif


you CAN however, ask elsewhere for someone to make you a homeless bum icon and use it in your post via image tags or summwhat~


move to gfx request or lock maybe?

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@Murdoc: I'm disappointed in you. I'd expect better of a BadFella


I agree with you actually, I was in a pretty bad mood when I posted, and I only posted that because he put a topic in GTAIV section whose only purpose was to link to this topic.


I was having a fight and kinda took my anger out on this dude. And I feel bad looking back at it.



move to gfx request


Thats what I was going to suggest, but instead I was beig a dick. blush.gif

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GFX Requests & Tutorials is where you want to go if you're dying to get some sort of pretty picture whatsit made up for you. Be sure to follow the rules in the pinned topic so you don't get your ass handed to you on a silver platter, though.


>> Locked.

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