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Might as well say hello, This is my first notable post. Once i work out just a few final touches, ill upload a pack of guns ive converted to SA from Desert Combat, a beautiful mod for Battlefield 1942, both of which remain among my favorite games of all time.




I have spent the day learning everything I can about weapon modding (3D/texture). I still have yet to figure out how to mod in custom firing textures and models for my guns.


When I import the original weapon DFFs into 3dsmax 7, they have a separate geometry called "gunflash." This geometry is always the child of the gun mesh, and always uses a texture in the weapon's own TXD.


I have tried exporting my meshes with the gunflash linked child->parent to the gun, and with the repsective texture included in the TXD, but they simply dont show up in-game. If I exclude the Gunflash, the standard firing mesh shows up, in all its crappy, low-qualityness.


Id appreciate any input smile.gif


One further question - What is the txd used for the RPG/Stinger (rocketla.dff and heatseek.dff) scopes? its always bugged the hell out of me and its high time i changed it. would adding a scope map to the txd work?

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