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HDTV questions...


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I realize there are some other HD related threads, but most of them are personal questions and I don't feel like hijacking other peoples' threads.


Anyway, I've finally decided to get an HDTV. Within the next few weeks hopefully. But I don't know much about them at all. I want one that'll be good for my 360 and general tv watching. I don't want to spend too much more than $600 though.




I was looking at that, and was wondering if any of you tech savy people see anything really bad about that one...


Other suggestions would be nice too.



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Other suggestions would be nice too.

An Olevia on Newegg


My friend has this model and swears by it, but I would try to find some others that may have some experience with this brand/model.

Also, I recall reading on Anandtech that Newegg will NOT honor returns on HDTV's over 27", so if you purchase from there (Newegg) you may want to check that out.


The major difference is that your Wal-Mart link has 2X HDMI, but it doesn't specify if these connector types are HDCP compliantfor the Vizio. (at least I couldn't find it on WM's website)

But unless you have a 360 Elite, you would have to connect the 360 via a VGA cable for 720p anyways.

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