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GTA VC: corrupted future


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To make the Vice City Corrupted Future Mod sounded as a good idea to us, but to make this possible we still need help in : scripting, moddeling ( as many members as possible ).

We already have 3 members : 2 mappers and 1 audio editor. We need help in creating new buildings more than moddeling cars, because we can download them from sites anyway, we already have a few models, but to create original vehicles would be alot better. We can soon publish the first beta version of our mod, without scripting but with a new map, new vehicles, weapons and audio.


We are happy to welcome any new members to our team. If you are interested visit: http://www.corruptedfuture.3dn.ru.

our site is in Russian and English. We have a few screenshots of our mod there. Also you can contact me by my email: [email protected]


hope you join us, thank you smile.gif

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