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Problem textures


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I have a model with two textures.


Its a editable poly with 2 groups: group 1 = road = texture 1

group 2 = grass = texture 2


So Group 1 has a Map Material, and Group 2 has a Map Material


But these arent good scaled, turned etc.


How to use the UVW map for only one group, and a other UVW map for the other group?


Thank you

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When you apply the UVW modifier, it will it apply it to whatever faces you have selected if you're in subobject mode (if you're selecting vertices, faces or any other elements of the mesh, you're in subobject mode).

So, simply select all the faces for your first material, and apply the UVW Modifier to get whatever UVs you want, then select all the faces in your second material and do the same thing.


For easily selecting all the faces in a material, use the dropdownlist in the "Polygon Properties" rollout, in the modify panel.

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