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Make Fenses un-breakable


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the best way to do that would be to get the DFF of the fence, import it into

your modeling solution, rename it and create a collision mesh for it as well.

This will allow you to not have to mess with the original model and it's setup,

though if you do, it's just a flag... But where's the fun and control in that

for a modder?


Didn't note whether you used a version badge or not, but I know with

san andreas you can add an object (not more than 3, or 5 with special

circumstances, though).


Add it to an IDE and spawn it wherever in any IPL. In the maps

section here you'll find explainations of both of these files made

sticky at the top of teh forum.


In the tools section, you'll find the tools you need to make DFFs and Col files

with max, or with alternative methods, and the tutorial forum is full

of information. Happy modding.

Bandy Ban-Ban-Ban. Chugga Chugga Woot Woot.
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The object.dat is where these things are applied to models afaik

so the best way might be to just edit that file, try commenting out or deleting the fence(s) line(s), see if that works, maybe just change the value(s) that make them break?

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