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hi ! i know i posting too much but its my last question!


when i writed all my new car spawn place like in HEGGYS ADDING CAR SPAWN LOCATIONS tutorial and clicked run/compile

pop ups a window :


Can't compile


014B: $car = init_parked_car_generator 585 -1 -1 1 alarm 0 door_lock 0 0 10000 at 2502,164 -1680,24 13,37758 angle 90.0


Parameter 2 not set.


why i cant compile it ! when i finaly know how to create car spawn locations then this window must pop up ! please help me ! why i m so unlucky ?

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I don't know if it is possible to generate car with it's model number or not, but you can use model name instead.


I think you are trying to create 'Emperor'. Replace 585 with #Emperor.


So your line should be


014B: $car = init_parked_car_generator #EMPEROR -1 -1 1 alarm 0 door_lock 0 0 10000 at 2502.164 -1680.24 13.37758 angle 90.0


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