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Empty Radio Station Files


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This is for San Andreas on the PC!


Mirror 1: http://www.megaupload.com/?d=EPY18WK0

Mirror 2: http://www.mediafire.com/?aurbm5kuus2


These are just some duds to replace the radio station files with in San Andreas. I've seen people asking for these and wanting to remove the radio stations in the game and no real convenient way to do so yet (unless I missed something). A friend figured out this trick and let me have the files, so I'm spreading the wealth.


The files aren't completely empty though. For some reason they play your User MP3's whenever your on any of the radio stations. However if you just turn down the radio volume, or not use your own MP3's in the game it'll work out just fine. And even if you do use your MP3's, you will just end up listening to them anyways, right? It's win-win. wink.gif


It frees up around a gig or so of space from the installation and since it simply replaces a few non-essential files it should work for just about any version of the game (as long as you installed the radio files when you installed the game).


If your weary though, just make a backup (copy and paste it somewhere safe) of the audio/streams folder incase you don't like the changes.

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Nice job...my radio station was just with advertisements no original music,now it play mine MP3's biggrin.gif .Thanks (sorry for bad English sad.gif )

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