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I know this is an old topic, but just wanted to check out since i hate additional "graphical" features of SA, this thingy doesn't work on sa;mp 0.3a i tried it.

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Some anti-virus/spyware programs may detect the programs hotkeys dll as a keylogger, it is infact nothing of the sort.


Three years later, and people still haven't found that?

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Slick' date='Saturday, Jul 28 2007, 12:55'] San Andreas Performance Tool 3.3


user posted image



SAPT is a utility that allows you to tweak some important performance related settings in Grand Theft Auto San Andreas. To improve quality of gameplay, particularly on older systems or to help max out on higher end machines.


There are two versions included, for single player and multiplayer. The difference between the two being the frame limiter lock disabled on the multiplayer version, as this can give a player slight advantages in online play. Something we do not encourage.



SAPT only works with version 1.0 of Grand Theft Auto San Andreas.

Some anti-virus/spyware programs may detect the programs hotkeys dll as a keylogger, it is infact nothing of the sort.

A small ammount of users have reported SAPT slows their game down while running, once you have enabled your desired tweaks, simply close the program.



- Lock frame limiter to either 30, 40, 50 or 60.

- Disable visual effects including specular lighting, motion blur and heat haze.

- Increase realism of dynamic shadows or disable them completely.

- Reduce draw distance to extremely low settings that can't normmaly be accessed via the games options menu.



SAPT and Grand Theft Auto San Andreas must both be running in order to activate any tweaks.

Once you are in game, you may either minimize and click a tweak you wish to enable or alternativly press its hotkey.

You may close SAPT after you have enabled any desired tweaks.



Lock frame limiter to 30 - CTRL+ALT+3

Lock frame limiter to 40 - CTRL+ALT+4

Lock frame limiter to 50 - CTRL+ALT+5

Lock frame limiter to 60 - CTRL+ALT+6

Reduce specular lighting - CTRL+ALT+S

Disable motion blur - CTRL+ALT+M

Disable heat haze effect - CTRL+ALT+H

Enable realistic shadows - CTRL+ALT+R

Disable dynamic shadows - CTRL+ALT+D

Set draw distance to low - CTRL+ALT+L

Set draw distance very low - CTRL+ALT+V



Download #1

Download #2


Enjoy cool.gif

Dude... when i try it, it doesnt work??? any suggestions how do i make it work? and the samp Performace tool says its Disable? how to enable it? sarcasm.gif

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Excuse me, sorry to interrupt you guys talking but I'm still confused bout this tool. I download and extract it successfully but I wanna make sure how this tool works. when I start the game and minimize it and then open the 'sapt3single' file, a small window opened, then I click ok and After that the main sapt3single window appeared and the problem is that there's no apply thing button in that window, so I don't know whether my option is applied or not. So how can I figure out if my desired settings have applied to the game? Because when I open sapt3single and click the motion blur and heat haze button respectively,then close the sapt3 window, the heat haze still appear in the game confused.gif


How to use this tooooooool? confused.gifconfused.gif

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This trainer is the best method of getting rid of Heat Haze, without requiring a massive, complicated plugin like CLEO, which, among other things, conflicts with bass.dll that comes with my samp. I dislike post effects that cover the entire picture, stay unchanging for a long time, and this one is especially crude: cuts the picture in sharp bands, and brings in untransformed picture at the screen edges.

Strange that SAMP removed speed blur, but left the Heat Haze in, without an option of removing it.

Thank you for creating this tool, and to BokiKV who mentioned it.

It is unfortunate that the program has a GUI that takes focus. But that is manageable. I call it up from AutoHotKey at the start of every play session along with other commands and script variables that I need.

#IfWinActive ahk_exe gta_sa.exe
; sapt3 disables heat haze
WinGet, active_id, ID, A
Run, "sapt3 multi.exe",,Hide,Temp
Sleep, 1000
SendInput ^!h
WinActivate, ahk_id %active_id%
Sleep, 1000
Process, Close, %Temp%

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