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Weapon questions


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Hey guys. I wanted to know if it's posible to do the following:


1-) Make more weapons have the "stealth kill" animation

2-) Make the player "punch" if he's infront of the NPC and stealth kill if in the NPC's back

3-) Add more weapons and edit their sound i.e. make more silenced weapons

4-) And if 3 isn't posible, how can I make the following: Replace the Colt45 with a machinegun, but I can carry both that machinegun that replaces the Colt45 and another pistol?

5-) Is it posible to make the player carry all weapons at once? biggrin.gif


Thanks in advance folks music.gif

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You can hold every weapon at once, not sure about the rest though.

Use GTA Ultimate Editor.

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And how exactly do you hold all weapons at once mate?



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