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Landing jump on feet


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Does anyone know how what i would have to do to make cj jump from heights like buildings but still land on his feet as if he has jumped a small height?

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Knowledge Novice

I don't have a clear idea at the moment on exactly how to go about it, but this probably would require mission coding.


Maybe check Player_Char coor (z, not z-angle)


If not standing on ground and not driving

If distance from ground is greater than char can survive during a fall the code then checks the rate of descent.

If the Player_Char's coor (z) changes a given amount in a specified time (as in a realistic fall, so many feet per second)

The code would then Put_Char at his current (x,y) coor at ground level just before the Char would have originally hit the ground.


Thus bypassing the inevitable splat. Seems like it would be possible. Later. rampage_ani.gif


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