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The Most Underrated GTA Ever


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Yeah this game is very underrated and not well known even amongst hardcore gta fans.

I myself never heard about this game until few years ago.


When i watched the walkthrough on youtube i was simply amazed by the game. It felt like San Andreas set in Vice City.

There is so many interesting sidemissions,great characters and awesome music.


I was so excited about finally playing this game on phone but :r*: never bothered to release it. :(

Atleast they could have made pc version of this and LCS.

Now after 11 years it is unlikely we will ever get pc or mobile version. Such a shame.

You guys should take a quick look at Take-Two Interactive, I bet those are the one's pulling the strings now. (Take2I=EA)

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You guys can easily play it on PC with the PSP emulator, PPSSPP. You map the control of your controller in the emulator settings and that's it. I play it on my sh*tty laptop and it's all good.

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I also run it on PPSSPP on windows. After playing with some settings it plays well. Best part is saving state anytime. You should do it actually as PPSSPP crashes once in a while (after some hours not minutes, so not an issue). Controller is a must though.

Edited by eestlane
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it's considered a sin it not be released on mobile i hope *r launchs a ps4 version soon along lcs with trophy support

Edited by SMACKED!
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  • 2 months later...

Because its Vice City and even its original counterpart is under rated to this day.


Both amazing games. GTA 6 needs to be in VC.

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  • 4 months later...

VCS is clearly very underrated.


It got a cool story and protagonist, a lot of side activities, including the glorious empire building, the ability to swim in Vice City, great fighting mechanics, and nearly SA's handling. Not to mention the cool interiors, which aren't as much as SA's, but at least more than LCS'.


It's even more underrated than LCS. At least VCS had many things to do despite the storyline missions, not to mention the ability to get in more interiors, swim and fly helicopters. Also, Victor is not as forgettable as Toni. (am I the only one who disliked what a lapdog to Salvatore Toni is?)

Edited by iiCriminnaaL 49
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  • 1 year later...

When Rockstar made LCS for Android but not VCS, you can see which is the most underrated.

It was my first GTA. It was amazing and I loved the city, the neons, the funfair, the empire building and more.

Still have it on PSP.

It deserves Android port.


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