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[W.I.P|SCR] My FPS Game


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Hey, i have started making a Game with the Free Version of Truevision 3D 6.3, Here are 2 screenies...


user posted image


user posted image


Please tell me what you think, i made the model in Sketchup. turn.gif

and the game is Programmed in Visual Basic 6.

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  • 1 month later...

Looking not too shabby.


Got to say though if you are into developing games with VB6 you should look into just using DirectX. I got a book a while ago showing how to write good games in VB6 using DirectX, it’s part of the Premier Press Game Development Series and is called Visual Basic Game Programming With DirectX.


The book shows you how to make simple games with just windows API and then takes you through DirectDraw7 before onto Direct3D8. Although DirectX 8 is as high as it goes I don’t believe it will be hard to rewrite it for DirectX9 as long as there is a COM for VB6 for DirectX9 otherwise DX8 will do.

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  • 2 weeks later...

I'd prefer it if you used OpenGL. I've been told it is easier to work with than Direct3D. Also, it is cross-platform, which is always a plus.


I know of a great open source engine called Irrlicht. At least I'd advise you to check it out. It is very simple to write with.

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The main benefit of working with OpenGL is that it is more of an interface for you to work almost directly with the video card's capabilities. That makes it more difficult to use things like shaders, but you end up with much better performance overall. DirectX tries to oversimplify the interface, and therefore, will be doing a lot of the stuff on the background that you might not even need. That and the fact that you get less of the idea how the hardware works generally makes DX engines worse in performance.


And as Svip said, cross platform capability is always a plus.

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