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Editing special actor peds from SA Studios


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The machinima bit I'm wanting to make needs to have a bald, white guy in a suit, with a goatee..sunglasses optional...kinda like the guy in the two Transporter movies. But I discovered in san an studios that you can select player skins from the special peds that appear after the insert command. One of them is close to what I'm looking for...so I would imagine that I could edit the guy to make him bald & add goatee with txd workshop, right?

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Yes, i gess tounge.gif

Just make sure that the guy you are going to replace the head is like the original one(the bald).

This is:

the "new" guy must not have hair, caps and other things like that, otherwise the ped may look a little stupid rolleyes.gif



Wah! The big mean moderators won't let me rip models and post pirated software!
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