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I need to convert .dff into .3ds


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I really need help, I want to convert a SA ped so I can build buildings in SketchUp. The problems are:

1. 3ds Max 9 came out for download and it way too big for my computer to handle

2. I tried to download GMax but looks like its not available for download anymore

3. ZModeler1 can't import .dff files (it can but nothing shows up on the screen, and to import in ZModeler2 I need to register and pay

4. The DFF Import/Export script for Blender won't download




Ok, I managed to convert .dff files (without the programs above), turned it into a .3ds and put it into a SketchUp, I just wanna know if this is the right size for it:


user posted image

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I think there is a way to make it with the proper size.

Sorry but don't remember it right now tounge.gif

Wah! The big mean moderators won't let me rip models and post pirated software!
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ok, select the entire object, and click edit -> make group, and name it whatever. Then press the "s" key, and then you can drag the buttons around to resize the model.

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