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Redefine Keys Help


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Can someone post a good redefined key set to make it more easier to play the game? Please post all your keys an settings. Thanks!

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Well i think you should make your own key setting because i dont really know with what you are comfortable,make a key setting thats good to you.

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You might want to buy a gamepad then instead...


But PC controls are not hard to use. I use the default and no problem - just use your mouse along with [WASD] to move the camera and CJ:


[F] to enter vehicles.

[spacebar] to sprint.

[L-SHIFT] to jump.


(You can slightly edit the jump and sprint keys to be the opposite however.)



* The only real advice is to set up San Andreas just like on Vice City PC:


[Arrow keys] to control CJ and drive.

[ENTER] to get into vehicles.

[R-SHIFT] to sprint.

[R-CTRL] to jump.

[LMB] to shoot, or [0].

[RMB] to aim.

[MMB] to look behind.


(Make sure that "Invert Mouse Vertically" is set to OFF.)

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Ben E Gas316

I use a combo of the game pad and keyboard. I use mostly the game pad, but any extra controls I use the keyboard. But ya it was a pain setting it all up. It'd take me too long to list all of em. Not sur how to take a screen shot of my settings yet.

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