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'slowness' in the game with new video card....


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I bought a new computer a while ago and was originally playing SA with an integrated 64mb video card, and had all the graphics settings very low (obviously)... Then i Bought a new ATI radeon 9550 128mb video card and the game worked a lot better and smoother, but anti-aliasing on 'off' , resolution 1024x768, and detail on low. Then i installed vista, (i had XP before) and the game became a lot slower and more juttery- im guessing this is because vista is putting pressure on the video card 'behind the scenes'. i recently got a ATI radeon X1600 512mb video card, thinking i can now run the game on full graphics settings with vista, smoothly. I can have anti aliasing on 3, and detail level on very high, and resolution on 1280x1024. It does run 'averagely', bit gets quite juttery still very often. I have now got the anti aliasing level 1, the detail level on medium, and everything else the same. The game still gets quite slow and juttery a lot of the time, and when shadows appear as a feature of anti aliasing (i think) or maybe detail level, the game totally slows down until i am facing away from those shadows.


My point is, why the hell would it be so slow and crappy when the graphics settings are still not even on full, and i have a brand new shiny 512mb video card! My friend has a 128mb ATi video card and it is almost the same quality gameplay as mine with the settings on the same. I have a 2.8Ghz cpu, 1gb ram, vista home-premium, 300gb hard drive.



Sorry this was so long!!!

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Vista drivers are not yet optimized as well as XP drivers. XP had the same problem at first. This is why a lot of older games have different graphics requirements for 98 and XP.

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