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OXM Preview


Recommended Posts

OMX September 2007 Issue Preview


Enlarged Main Articles. EASIER TO READ





user posted image


*scans removed*



Once again i'm sorry that it might be kind of hard to read.

Edited by illspirit
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Thanks, I'll try and read. But this should be in the News & Info....


Perhaps you can upload as PDF's or something?

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i can read it just fine. LOL. good vision lol.gif

I can but I hate to think what it's doing to my eyes! mercie_blink.gif


On topic: Hmmm, Yankee Stadium? Hadn't thought about that.

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Though placeholder text, according to Rockstar, it notes that he was on the "Balkan Peace Force."


SO, WHERE'S RUSSIA?! In the Balkans, HUH?! _NOT_ from the Balkans, is that what you're saying about Niko? I knew you idiots would face such embarrassing evidence against you one time.. he's Balkan like WE'VE always said, it's such a nobrainer.




+Swimming's confirmed.

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Thanks jester210 for posting this! cookie.gif


It does give us a few details I noticed:




Swimming, Boxing hinted at in application Niko sends to lawfirm.


Possibility of jacking helicopters

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jester210 thanks for sharing, I will read it now. icon14.gif

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Okay, so, to sum it up:


+Niko Bellic is from the Balkans.

+Swimming is confirmed.

+Comet is confirmed.

+Francis McReary.

+There are minigames à la San Andreas, including pool. One place where you'll be able to play minigames is Roman's taxi depot.

+Flamethrowers and RPGs are in. (?)


That's about it, right? moto_whistle.gif

Edited by nlitement
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sandy beaches

read the bottom of every page, it looks like mini games are back and swimming is confirmed

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It says you can play the mini games with Little Jacob and other NPCs that will be good fun, just drink a beer and play some pool with your arms dealer while you wait to hear if you go the interview you emailed that afternoon. rahkstar2.gif

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read the bottom of every page, it looks like mini games are back and swimming is confirmed

i was just about to post that, lol


im glad they kept the mini games in biggrin.gif

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There is a CALENDAR ( maybe seasons too devil.gif ) ... There is swimming ... Black Comet Car ...

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That gets me all the more hyped up! It would be terribly rediculous if Niko couldnt swim lol, this game will be one for the ages.



Great find icon14.gif




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I think theres 1 or 2 new screenshots in there.....

the one with the broker bridge and the view of algonquin with the sun setting or rising and it says "day or night, Liberty City is always awake"

and the 1st one (next to the word american pie) where niko's holding a pistol

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This is cool. It shows us its not going to be realisitc as some people feared, and that the cellphone can phone your friends just to chill with them.


I can imagine Niko and his friends on a little tour bus now, lol.

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I like how you have the choice to take the job, or put a bullet through his head. I would take the job. Earn some moolah. I mean seriously, a 2,000$ suit?

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new info:


-name of the corrupt cop is Francis Mc©reary

-During the demo, Jacob's wares include a 9mm, shotgun, SMG and micro SMG

-flamethrower and rocket launcher are rumored by somebody to be in GTA IV

-Dan Houser stated''there will be fun and ridicoulous weapons'' in GTA Iv as they arent going too naturalistic

-''hall one with a whiste'' is how the magazine described Niko calling a cab

-''choose your destination on a map and hit a button to pretty much warp there'' is how mag describes selecting your location to go .Similar to True Crime NYC i suppose

-There could be some sort of boxing minigames as Niko was previously a Boxer

-Niko was a member of ''Balkan peace Force''.BPF exists in real world too as mercenaries from other countries come to Kosovo as a part of UN Peace Forces keeping it off terrorists national wars on relation Serbia-Albania etc.So Niko could have been in military maybe and could have assasinated somebody important.Peace Forces were also present durning Balkan Wars in 90's but at that time it was all between Bosnians,Croats,Serbs,nobody other messed around.

-You will be able to visit Statue of Happinessn via boat or swimming.I wonder how much stamina do you need to swim a big area like this?

-there will be a pool/billiar mini game as well as much much others to do for you in your free time when hanging with some NPc like Little Jacob

-Ground Zero ISNOT present in the game

-Comet returns

-Goldberg's secretary is named Karen.It seems as if every NPc has its own name....

-Eating hot dogs from Hotdog Stands is another way of regaining health

-Niko dies at the end of demo(chopper flied down and crushed/cutted Niko) but since he was killed by police maybe he spawns at police station and not at hospital this time?



And on a side note editors said they saw a 45 minute demo whilst other mags said it is a 15 minute demo but they both seen the same?Strange....



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Forgot to mention, thanks for the scans, it was a good read. icon14.gif

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