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GTA:SA Crazy Trainer +151 2.0 question


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Hey, I've got a question in reference with Crazy trainer. The question is: how to boost girl progress? All i want to do is increase progress with Denise from 0 to about 20% and I cannot figure out, how... I've changed Progress with Denise to 20 and hit the 'ok' button, but nothing happens, she still dumps Carl. Please help me, cause i couldn't find any trainer manual. Thanks in advance.

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Are you using a crack, or any sort of non-original EXE? Trainers are designed to function with single EXEs, meaning that if the memory addresses in yours differ from the one the trainer was designed for (for whatever reason), certain, if not all functions provided will not work.

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Nope, i am using the original game. It's version is 2.0. I have not used any sort of cracks, non-original exes etc. Somebody help me pls.


Hey, i almost solve the problem. Sb suggested me to downgrade my game version to 1.0 and the trainer kinda works... However, although I can boost progress with Denise to 100% (it changes in stats as well), i still have no pimp suit and she still dumps Carl... Any ideas?


Ok, i did it using GTASA Center. biggrin.gifbiggrin.gifbiggrin.gif You can close this topic & thx for help.

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