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Official Electronic Music Topic

Blind Joe Death
Mister Pink
Message added by Mister Pink

Can we make some attempt to post more than just the track, please This forum is turning in to a bunch of threads with no discussion whatsoever. If you want to just post music and not contribute anything else, use the What Are You Listening to Now? thread. But threads for sub-genres, feel free to post videos but post videos with a sentence or two. Why are you posting it? Do you think someone is going to like it? If so, why? 

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On 5/10/2020 at 4:46 PM, Mister Pink said:

God, that must have been great week for you. I've seen Depeche Mode once and would love to see them again. That was back in 2010. Phenomenal concert.

Yeah, as I'm sure you can imagine, the concert was spectacular! Though, the experience itself less so, but that's due to the venue (long lines to 'deposit' my coat, and when it was close to our spot in the line, they said they're full, go elsewhere; repeat a couple of times; so I spent the concert with my coat wrapped around my waist. But, hey, the concert was great. Dave Gahan was unexpectedly... flamboyant, I guess is the right word, in his moves and all. Music was amazing, no doubt!


On 5/10/2020 at 4:46 PM, Mister Pink said:

I'm ashamed that I haven't listened to much of 3D remastered album. It just kind of missed that release and was going through a phase of not listening to them at all really when it released, but now I'll get it and dive in to it. :) And on the subject of little things man, and I love that you point out the little things.. you know when the snappy "blips/chucks" or snares come back in and they alternate the reverb on them as they come back. It sounds so much more ferocious.

I'm sure you know, but it's not a remaster, it's the live versions played in concerts. Atypically for live albums, though, it's without the audience sounds and everything, recorded straight from their equipment, which is super cool, because the mix therefore is real tight! It's also why I was suuuuuper excited for 3-D Catalogue. It was announced not long after I had gone to Oslo for my first Kraftwerk concert, and having been blown away by their live performance, having it on a high-quality medium I can listen to over and over again... I was over the moon! To be frank, I don't expect nor do I reaaaaally want a new studio album from Kraftwerk. I mean, I wouldn't mind, but I'm fine without one. I have listened to some of their solo works (Karl Bartos, Wolfgang Flur) and they're... not that great, in my opinion.


You know, the little "blips/chucks", percussive effects, whatever you wanna call them have always been an awesome thing in the music of Kraftwerk. For example, Computer Love 2. Amazing! Also very apparent in the original Tour de France track.


On 5/10/2020 at 4:46 PM, Mister Pink said:

Aside from these lovely live differences, I notice with later shows there is much more low-end filling the frequency spectrum than ever before which is much needed. Going back to the original albums and they seem a bit light and "tinny." Don't get me wrong, there's a charm that their work their albums don't sound 200% perfect like a modern pop song, but it's just nice now that they have a more full sound.

I completely agree with you! The 3-D versions have a much fuller sound and the different arrangements are also very, very cool. Of course, the originals are the originals, they are what we'll come back for nostalgia, ya know? No matter if they sound tinnier than their modern revisions, these tracks are what made us fall in love with Kraftwerk in the first place. :)


On 5/10/2020 at 4:46 PM, Mister Pink said:

I'll give the rest of it a listen this week. Been a while since I've spoke music like with someone who equally obsess over the same act as me, lol 😛 Needed to get that out of my system ha!

Hah, yeah, I can talk about music for ages, man. :D Probably my greatest passion in life; only wish I was better at it myself (i.e., composing, producing).


That Aphex Twin very much reminds me of his Syro album, sounds like it could very well fit there. Definitely has the signature Aphex Twin sound!


By the way, have you heard Uwe Schmidt's covers of Krafwerk (under his Senor Coconut alias)? It is f*cking amazing, I tell you. :D

Don't let the Latin-American rhythms fool you, it's made by a guy who looks like this:



Couldn't look any more German if he tried.


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Hey, dude, do you perhaps want to say something about the music you post? Make some conversation? What's the point if everyone just posts links to songs and doesn't talk about anything?

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Another good youtube recommendation.


This project Against All Logic sounds like downtempo/ambient/deep house and I like it but also the guy (Nicolas Jaar) behind it was also part of a duo band called Darkside which I found it more interesting and did click on the first listen.








Edited by spectre07
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  • 2 weeks later...

I have bad memory, I'm not sure if I have posted this before...



Nu-Jazz. Straight out of the underground. Label from LTJ Bukem. UK ftw, best musicians. big love

Edited by BlackScout
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Halal Cyborg

Hugely underrated Planet Mu artist and from one of my top 5 planet mu releases.




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Halal Cyborg

I’m listening to loads of CDs I’ve owned for donkeys years on the stereo since lockdown began.




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Halal Cyborg

Clark/Chris Clark has some good tracks...The Dogs is good




Here’s Wisps remix of Lichen from SAW2 from a free EP he gave out ages back.


Edited by Halal Cyborg
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Mister Pink

Seriously good track. Just discovered this on Spotify.



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