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Official Electronic Music Topic

Blind Joe Death
Mister Pink
Message added by Mister Pink

Can we make some attempt to post more than just the track, please This forum is turning in to a bunch of threads with no discussion whatsoever. If you want to just post music and not contribute anything else, use the What Are You Listening to Now? thread. But threads for sub-genres, feel free to post videos but post videos with a sentence or two. Why are you posting it? Do you think someone is going to like it? If so, why? 

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  • 3 weeks later...
  • 2 weeks later...
Mister Pink

This has been a long time favourite of mine. There's a nice mix of lots of different styles including a nice metal-style lead guitar and amazing "Eastern" style vocals. It's really quite amazing. It's hard to categorize it. It's like the electronic version of a Queen rock-opera or some sh*t. 



Edited by Mister Pink
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Mister Pink

Blast from the past. Just found this. Remember it when I was a kid.



Also for anyone into synths/music production, a great video showing the E-Mu Emulator synth. It defined Depeche Mode's sound in the late 80s and the 80's in general.  Probably the most known song on this forum by them aside from Personal Jesus is Enjoy The Silence. You can see them play it in the video. Other acts in the video are Pet Shop Boys, New Order. Nice demo with Alan Wilder of Depeche Mode at the end



Edited by Mister Pink
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Mister Pink

An ambient classic from Aphex Twin. Just seen this video for the first time. It's just a loop but suits the music so well. 



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Recently I was made aware of a Japanese producer called Nobukazu Takemura. He takes the unique aesthetic of skipping portable CD players and seems to make it work in his favour, eschewing the traditional techniques seen in deliberately dated attempts at vaporwave. There's rhythm to be found in the familiar skips of a stressed CD player.



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Mister Pink

Been listening to this delicious track by John Terjada. It starts off quite generic but gradually turns slightly more sinister and very atmospheric. I love it. People saying it's a mix of Plaid and Orbital. Not a bad mix. 



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A snippet from a movie about the history of the German Touring Car Championship (DTM) featuring the track Navigator by M O D E (Danny Odom).



You can find a slightly different version on his soundcloud.



Protip: Watch the movie if you're into cars! ;)

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Mister Pink

Taking a break from making music and listening to some new to me, music. 


Zombie acid!



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Mister Pink

@spectre07 Maybe post something about the track you are posting. Would be nice for some context. You never know, you might even start a discussion! :)  You post some interesting music, so would love to hear your thoughts too. 


After a long break of listening to my favourite act of the last 5 years, I'm listening to Music Has The Right To Children. Currently on Telephasic Workshop. It's a beautifully and repetitively hypnotic track, with nice subtle progressions and changes. I never tire of the warm ambient pads. It really adds a soft balance to the harsh syncopated drums. 




Edited by Mister Pink
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I started to give a try to this German duo but I must be do in parts because their discography is a little big.



Edited by spectre07
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